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16 décembre 2022

Decolonising global health

Ibrahima Socé Fall

Rubrique - Global Africa N°2

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En Français

The dream for Africa came when I was involved in the fight against malaria, when I started travelling in Africa and seeing what was going on everywhere, in international meetings on malaria. I was struck by the fact that when we called the East African countries, for example, it was the English specialists who came to make the presentations, and it was the same almost everywhere. I said to myself no, this is not possible, something has to change. I started to go around the countries to organise training activities in the fight against malaria. I was already training people in Senegal when I was on the steering committee of the Malaria Control Programme. I used to go around the health districts to train nurses, midwives and doctors. For me, it was essential to train a critical mass of Africans who would speak for Africa. And that’s why I stayed longer than I expected.

Keywords  :

Decolonisation, global health

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