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188 - 191

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16 décembre 2022

The pandemic:

a moment of truth for the world

Didier Fassin

Rubrique - Global Africa N°2



En Français

The Covid-19 pandemic was not only an epidemiological phenomenon of considerable magnitude across the planet. Neither was it just a global social event marked by temporary suspensions of human activities and fundamental freedoms. It was also a moment of truth for the world (Fassin, 2021). This moment of truth has at least manifested itself in two ways, both of which have a particular meaning for the African continent. First, there was the media devotion to and even, more broadly, the focus of all public mental attention on a single phenomenon: from the expansion of the disease, the counting of new cases, in-patients in intensive care, to fatalities (or at least part of them, since the elderly in institutions were initially forgotten and their deaths ignored).

Keywords  :

Pandemic, moment of truth

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